Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Mirror of Galadriel

    "Behold the mirror of Galadriel"
    Sam looked down at the pool.  At first he saw only the reflection of the great stars in its mirrored surface.  Almost without noticing the scene changed.  First the stars seemed to come close, then so close they became invisible.  Then the scene changed to one of utter terror and hopelessness.  Men and elves and hobbits in chains, slaving away without purpose or reason.  Sam wrenched his eyes away only after great effort.
    "Is that, is that what it will be like if the Dark Lord was to get the ring?  Is that what will happen?"  asked Sam in horror.
    "No," said Galadriel, caressing one of her cats, "that is what its like every day for a elven woman in Middle Earth.  Men!"

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