Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thanks Bilbo

    "Elves are underrepresented on the Fellowship!"  Shouted Glorfindel.  "But OVER-represented on this Council." proclaimed Gimli, testing the edge of his axe.
    Even the wise do not know what would have happened had not Bilbo piped in at that very moment.  "I am very impressed with the ethnic diversity displayed in the trip from the Shire to Rivendell.  Particularly before Bree.  Elrond we are not missing lunch I feel my self getting a little faint.  No no, that's all right I'll power through.  The point is, there were four hobbits on the road to Rivendell, there can't be fewer than four Hobbits for the next leg of the journey.  Would everyone like to hear my slam poetry?"
   Bilbo rapped about oppression and microaggressions until the moon hung high over the valley of the elves.

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